Bonus Bucks

A new way for a Livestock Sale!

2020 Bonus Bucks Information Sheet


To support our youth exhibitors we will only offer the Bonus Bucks program this year. There will not be a livestock sale. Bonus Bucks will enable you to remotely donate to exhibitors that show their Non- Breeding animals the last week of July. Breeding stock exhibitors do not qualify for Bonus Bucks since they do not normally sell at our livestock sale.

Bonus Bucks will involve 4 easy steps before August 15th!

  1. Complete the Bonus Bucks Contract
  2. Complete the Bonus Bucks Form
  3. Include a check (made payable to Butler County Ag Society) OR credit card info
  4. Mail in the self-addressed stamped envelope

We can help if you want to support an exhibitor(s) that doesn’t have donations OR if you need names, etc.!

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the link to the Bonus Bucks Spreadsheet COLOR CODE for SPREADSHEET


a. Red = Exhibitor with less than $100 in donations

b. White = $100 - $250 in donations

c. Blue = $250 or more in donations

3. Exhibitors of Grand & Reserve Champions will be identified

Exhibitor information–name, 4H Club/FFA Chapter, parent/guardian’s name will be on the spreadsheet!

Thank you for your continued support of our youth and the Butler County Fair! We look forward to better days and seeing you in person in 2021!